“Dr. Sand went above and beyond to run blood work that enabled his staff to recognize that I had a contagious disease and was treated. If Dr. Sand had not requested blood work, I would have possibly lost my eye sight or even worse. I’m feeling much better now. Thanks Dr. Sand”


“[…] + Dr. Sand went out of their way to make my mom feel comfortable. This was our first time since […] moved. Both were kind, patient & did a great job. Thank you for taking care of a mature patient.”


“I want to express my sincere appreciation to Dr. Sand. I was very worried about my cataract and how fast my eyesight decreased. Dr. Sands did an outstanding job advising me of the options I have, explained advantages and disadvantages of different lenses so I could make a good choice which ones were suitable for me. Dr. Sand performed my [cataract] surgery and the result is fantastic! So much better then I ever could have imagined. My quality of life has improved tremendously. Thank you, Dr. Sands!”


“The concern, care and patience given me while extending my [cataract] surgery by Dr. Sand was more than excellent… it was perfect. He answered all my questions actually listening to my concerns. His empathy was very evident. I am a happy, happy camper no pain & I CAN SEE thanks to Dr. Sand!”


“Excellent service - had many tests done w/o long delays. Staff are friendly and efficient. MD was warm and exuded confidence. Top notch experience.”


“To whom it may concern: My name is […]. I recently had Cataract surgery for both eyes at […] facility. The operating physician was Doctor Daniel Sand. I would like to pass on a hearty thank you to Dr. Sand for the remarkable work he did on my eyes. I am 77, and I can see better now than I can recall seeing since I was a child. Dr. Sand is a truly talented and professional surgeon. Thanks again. Yours truly,”


“Dr. Sand, Thank you very much for what you did for my eyes. I can see so much better now. Colors are so bright - it’s wonderful May God continue to bless you.”


“I want to express my gratitude for Dr. Sand’s eye exam & his kind, patient & clear explanations without rushing. He suggested I have a sleep apnea test - & I did & was diagnosed with a severe case. NO ONE in all these years has thought of asking about the possibility of having that condition. Dr. Sand may have saved my life! I am thrilled he has joined […].”


“Happy to have this opportunity to say Dr. Sand has been the perfect doctor. The care and attention I have been given and the results of my cataract surgery has exceeded my expectation without exaggeration it has been a life changing event. I would also like to compliment the entire staff in the office & the prep nurses for their kind & professional attitude. Thank you”


“I had a scratched cornea and was treated by Dr. Sand + his nurse […]. They took excellent care of me and treatment was well explained and easy to follow. I felt very secure with the diagnosis + treatment not only did Dr. Sand provide excellent service but provided emotional support. I felt like I was in good hands. Thank you Dr. Sand & […]”


“We thank Dr. Sand for being the hand of God today. My sister […] had an urgent laser procedure in both eyes. Process saved her vision in an emergency timely matter which could have been a catastrophic event for my sister. Again our thanks to Dr. Sands for saving the vision of the precious member of our family.”